Thursday, July 20, 2006

The History of Poker

OK, the history of poker from my perspective...

First played poker about 2 years ago, having seen one of my mates playing on Ladbrokes, so started playing on there and Betfair. Since then have also opened up accounts on PartyPoker, Jennings (VC) and PokerChamps (soon to be Betfair).

Have mostly played around at small cash levels and STTs, but have made final table on 2 big Betfair tourneys including 3rd in the BF Santa for a trip to New York and about £1,800 cash.

Much prefer playing on Betfair graphics and I know I am in profit there since the amount paid in is significantly less than the amount paid out. On the others I am well down on Ladbrokes, but that is where I learnt to play. Wiped out on PartyPoker and never reloaded, never quite managed to win on the low stakes Omaha tables there. Loaded once on Pokerchamps and Jennings and both accounts currently have about what I started with.

Never quite got round to buying a tool like PokerTracker, but do like following myself on sharkscope. Current form is reasonable, with 4 cashes out of last 8 games, but only the one win (tonight) in a £5 Omaha stt. Am showing as having negative profit, the cause of which was largely 6-pak thunders. I steer clear of these now since they are like playing bingo without the craic.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Only created this blog because I wanted to post a comment on someone else's... will see how long it lasts, started without good intentions.