Thursday, December 31, 2009

That's a wrap for 2009

Tis the season for end of year reflections, first a quick recap of my two goals for the year:

One is to buy a new number plate for my car, cost about £1k.

FAIL. Simple fact was I never quite made enough money to warrant buying the thing.

Second is to try and get out to Vegas for a $1500 PLO or O8 event in the WSOP.

FAIL. This time with a but, for the second year running, I started off badly, even worse than 2008 in fact. However, I have now banked $2k and with BA flying direct to Vegas I have enough air miles to get a flight for the $1500 PLO starting on 10th June. If anyone wants a prop bet for me to play in an Elvis cat suit.... :)

Anyway, summary for the year.

Played bad from January to March, ended up nearly $700 down. Turned it all round in April with my first ever $1k month. As with 2008, the longer the year went on, the better my results looked, apart from December. This is still profitable month, but I played in 3 Mini FTOPs (one of which I forgot I had registered for) and one night I managed to bubble in a $22 sat for the $15k O8 on Full Tilt.

Over the various sites:
- Betfair - down $150, stopped playing there completely since June as have no reason to play there and dislike their customer relationship model
- Blue Square - down $210, hardly played anything since August
- Sun - down $250, really dislike the skin and even with 30% rakeback I can't bring myself to learn to deposit on a site I don't get on with very well
- PokerStars - up $7, deposited and have been playing a few of the $16 18-man O8 SNGs, with mixed results
- Everest - up $32, again almost not played there since August
- Full Tilt - up $3,180 - including about $350 rakeback

Highlights from Full Tilt:
- 25% ROI on 278 9 seat 300 chip super turbo PLO SNGs
- 20% ROI on 123 $22 O8 SNGs
- 33% ROI on 133 rebuy MTTs, incuding 3 wins

- Cash, again, though this year I have stayed away from it pretty much and latterly, playing low stakes I have finished some sessions in profit

Interestingly, last year I thought I was OK pre-flop and better post-flop. Having thought about it, especially in light of the results from the 300 chip SNGs, I wonder if it really is the reverse. I am much better than average at assessing hands pre, but not that great post. Maybe in 2010 I will find some time to watch some training videos, or maybe not since I still cleared $2.5k from a hobby.

Might post some goals early in January, but really the main one is to stay in profit... good luck at the tables.

Lastly, here's my lifetime Sharkscope results for Full Tilt, which I think is quite respectable.

Friday, December 11, 2009

You don't see a Royal flush for ages...

...then two come along in the space of about 10 minutes.

First this, I flopped the flush and turned the Royal, but managed to keep my oppo in calling down for his lo draw that did not come in.

Full Tilt Poker Game #16695306682: $11 + $1 Sit & Go (Turbo) (124090100), Table 1 - 25/50 - Pot Limit Omaha H/L - 17:47:20 ET - 2009/12/10
Seat 1: TJ Ungar (911)
Seat 2: citybrewedmind (1,315)
Seat 3: RNI66 (2,280)
Seat 4: fifty_pesos (389)
Seat 5: First Count 3 (1,135)
Seat 6: XHEAD HUNTERX (1,460)
Seat 7: misshaj (1,110)
Seat 8: Tribuconi (1,500)
Seat 9: electric chair (3,400)
XHEAD HUNTERX posts the small blind of 25
misshaj posts the big blind of 50
The button is in seat #5
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to electric chair [9h Kc Jc 8c]
Tribuconi folds
electric chair calls 50
TJ Ungar calls 50
citybrewedmind folds
RNI66 folds
fifty_pesos calls 50
First Count 3 folds
misshaj checks
*** FLOP *** [2c Ac Tc]
misshaj checks
electric chair has 15 seconds left to act
electric chair bets 112
TJ Ungar folds
fifty_pesos calls 112
misshaj folds
*** TURN *** [2c Ac Tc] [Qc]
electric chair bets 224
fifty_pesos calls 224
*** RIVER *** [2c Ac Tc Qc] [9s]
electric chair bets 50
fifty_pesos calls 3, and is all in
Uncalled bet of 47 returned to electric chair
*** SHOW DOWN ***
electric chair shows [9h Kc Jc 8c] a Royal Flush, for high
fifty_pesos mucks
electric chair wins the pot (903) with a Royal Flush
No low hand qualified
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 903 | Rake 0
Board: [2c Ac Tc Qc 9s]
Seat 4: fifty_pesos mucked [3h 4d 7h Ad] - HI: a pair of Aces

And then this, where I walked into it and I know I could have got away from it on the turn, but had been slightly tilted by $15 plo super turbo when I went out first hand to 2236 all in preflop.

Full Tilt Poker Game #16695563352: Table Rio Canyon (6 max, ante, deep) - $0.10/$0.25 Ante $0.05 - Pot Limit Omaha Hi - 17:58:05 ET - 2009/12/10
Seat 1: mgg888 ($28.65)
Seat 2: semper_fi76 ($20.36)
Seat 3: iceball12 ($40.10)
Seat 5: jwc529 ($51.71)
Seat 6: electric chair ($42.95)
iceball12 antes $0.05
electric chair antes $0.05
semper_fi76 antes $0.05
jwc529 antes $0.05
mgg888 antes $0.05
iceball12 posts the small blind of $0.10
jwc529 posts the big blind of $0.25
The button is in seat #2
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to electric chair [Jh 7d Kc Kh]
electric chair has 15 seconds left to act
electric chair raises to $1.10
mgg888 folds
semper_fi76 raises to $3.90
iceball12 folds
jwc529 folds
electric chair calls $2.80
*** FLOP *** [Jd Qd Kd]
electric chair has 15 seconds left to act
electric chair bets $4.20
semper_fi76 has 15 seconds left to act
semper_fi76 calls $4.20
*** TURN *** [Jd Qd Kd] [4s]
lowskipper sits down
electric chair bets $16.80
semper_fi76 calls $12.21, and is all in
electric chair shows [Jh 7d Kc Kh]
semper_fi76 shows [Td 8s 9s Ad]
lowskipper adds $50
Uncalled bet of $4.59 returned to electric chair
*** RIVER *** [Jd Qd Kd 4s] [Qh]
electric chair shows a full house, Kings full of Queens
semper_fi76 shows a Royal Flush
semper_fi76 wins the pot ($39.16) with a Royal Flush
semper_fi76: lol
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot $41.22 | Rake $2.06
Board: [Jd Qd Kd 4s Qh]
Seat 1: mgg888 folded before the Flop
Seat 2: semper_fi76 (button) showed [Td 8s 9s Ad] and won ($39.16) with a Royal Flush

End of November was an absolute heater, total up for the month over $850, first third of December has been very up and down, with a $30 loss to show for it so far.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Oops, I did it again

Another $5 plo rebuy last night, another donking out for me. This hand meant I min cashed instead of making the final table. Little bit of patience required at the right time, whereas last night I convinced myself we had the same two pair on the flop. Almost criminal to blow 60BBs here really.

Full Tilt Poker Game #16380424391: $5 + $0.50 Rebuy (120835685), Table 8 - 1000/2000 - Pot Limit Omaha Hi - 19:10:43 ET - 2009/11/28
Seat 2: Markt37 (80,777)
Seat 4: Deset (16,786)
Seat 5: electric chair (60,208)
Seat 6: Shamanilixir (79,602)
Seat 7: Ilu1 (60,216)
Seat 8: baxterb123 (3,190), is sitting out
Seat 9: 00Bert00 (27,824), is sitting out
Markt37 posts the small blind of 1,000
Deset posts the big blind of 2,000
The button is in seat #9
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to electric chair [Jd As 9d 7d]
hipsych sits down
hipsych adds 42,613
Jesse_Arellano sits down
Jesse_Arellano adds 52,358
electric chair has 15 seconds left to act
electric chair calls 2,000
Shamanilixir folds
Ilu1 folds
baxterb123 folds
00Bert00 folds
Markt37 raises to 8,000
Deset folds
electric chair calls 6,000
*** FLOP *** [Jh 6s Ad]
Markt37 checks
electric chair bets 9,000
Markt37 raises to 20,000
electric chair calls 11,000
*** TURN *** [Jh 6s Ad] [Qs]
Markt37 bets 52,777, and is all in
electric chair calls 32,208, and is all in
Markt37 shows [Th Ah Ac Jc]
electric chair shows [Jd As 9d 7d]
Uncalled bet of 20,569 returned to Markt37
*** RIVER *** [Jh 6s Ad Qs] [Ks]
Markt37 shows a straight, Ace high
electric chair shows two pair, Aces and Jacks

Still, I was very lucky to be there, having hit a 1 outer earlier after getting all in with a flopped set 10s, vs a flopped set As. I had to wait until the river to get my quads, but the result was never in doubt as far as I was concerned :)

Results looking good for November overall, up $725 so far and cashed in 4 of last 8 MTTs and 6 or last 8 STTs I have played.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Second Time Around

So, I played the $5 PLO rebuy on Full Tilt again tonight. This time, there was no blow up on the final table, this was the hand that gave me the stack I needed to take control of the table, after which memoly proceeded to explain to me how it had been a "donky" play on my part.

Full Tilt Poker Game #16229448401: $5 + $0.50 Rebuy (119370163), Table 13 - 2500/5000 - Pot Limit Omaha Hi - 20:02:26 ET - 2009/11/22
Seat 2: electric chair (174,658)
Seat 3: superruik (282,134)
Seat 4: memoly (108,774)
Seat 5: muelling87 (97,094)
Seat 8: comeon69 (73,340)
muelling87 posts the small blind of 2,500
comeon69 posts the big blind of 5,000
The button is in seat #4
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to electric chair [7s 6s 7d 8s]
electric chair raises to 10,000
superruik calls 10,000
memoly calls 10,000
muelling87 calls 7,500
comeon69 folds
*** FLOP *** [Qh 6d 9s]
muelling87 checks
comeon69: allin -lol
electric chair bets 45,000
superruik folds
memoly has 15 seconds left to act
memoly has requested TIME
memoly calls 45,000
muelling87 has 15 seconds left to act
muelling87 has requested TIME
comeon69: do it
muelling87 folds
*** TURN *** [Qh 6d 9s] [3d]
electric chair has 15 seconds left to act
electric chair bets 55,000
memoly has been disconnected
memoly has 15 seconds left to act
memoly has 90 seconds to reconnect
superruik: :S
comeon69: its a fold
memoly has reconnected
memoly has 15 seconds left to act
memoly calls 53,774, and is all in
electric chair shows [7s 6s 7d 8s]
memoly shows [Qs 8c Kc Td]
Uncalled bet of 1,226 returned to electric chair
*** RIVER *** [Qh 6d 9s 3d] [Th]
electric chair shows a straight, Ten high
memoly shows two pair, Queens and Tens
electric chair wins the pot (242,548) with a straight, Ten high

Chopped when we were 3 handed and I had 420k chips, so the numbers changed a little from what is shown here. This makes it twice in 3 weeks I have won this now.

[25-Nov - edit, posted the wrong screenshot last time, this is the right one]

Check out the Call of the Wildcat blog link well, he has won it a couple of times recently too.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

You Plonker

Plonker: Person of Little Or No Knowledge and Electrical Retarded

I cashed in 2 MTTs last night, one was a min cash in the $5 hilo on Full Tilt, the other was the $5 PLO rebuy on the same site. I played well in both, but in the PLO I played really well until my out hand. History is below, but I had been playing with curtis for about 2 hours and knew he would race with anything. Maybe that's why I thought it was worth getting it all in, because I knew he would be light. But, in the cold light of day, we were well clear first and second and I really should have stayed away from him until we got HU.

Full Tilt Poker Game #16202570822: $5 + $0.50 Rebuy (119123226), Table 2 - 3000/6000 - Pot Limit Omaha Hi - 20:04:42 ET - 2009/11/21
Seat 1: robenson (105,996)
Seat 2: Curtis4marsh (285,532)
Seat 4: electric chair (148,793)
Seat 8: UBsucks (81,853)
Seat 9: Mirakelman (39,826)
electric chair posts the small blind of 3,000
UBsucks posts the big blind of 6,000
The button is in seat #2
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to electric chair [Ac Qh 7h 9c]
Mirakelman folds
robenson folds
Curtis4marsh has 15 seconds left to act
Curtis4marsh raises to 21,000
electric chair raises to 69,000 ==> I guess I was expecting him to fold to this raise
UBsucks folds
Curtis4marsh has 15 seconds left to act
Curtis4marsh raises to 213,000
electric chair calls 79,793, and is all in
Curtis4marsh shows [3d Jd Jh 8c]
electric chair shows [Ac Qh 7h 9c]
Uncalled bet of 64,207 returned to Curtis4marsh
*** FLOP *** [Tc 2h Ks]
*** TURN *** [Tc 2h Ks] [5h]
*** RIVER *** [Tc 2h Ks 5h] [8d]
Curtis4marsh shows a pair of Jacks
electric chair shows Ace King high
Curtis4marsh wins the pot (303,586) with a pair of Jacks

On the plus side, I am now back in the black for the month of November, albeit a couple of hundred dollars less than it should be.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Playing Bad

Hmm, since the last updateI have been on a one way trip downwards. 8 losing sessions in 8 and losing is causing me to make bad decisions. Ordinarily I would not be leading from UTG with A78J in a hilo game, but it seems I have been recording multiple exits with this astonishingly bad move. The only silver lining is I know I am playing badly, so yesterday I managed to stop after just 1 game. Month to date -$125, which is about $350 the wrong way from where I peaked a week ago. Still, I am playing a bit better tonight and have even reached the money in a couple of SNGs, so hopefully the recovery starts here.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

MacBook Update

So, about 1 week in I am more convinced than ever that I made the right choice. Not only does Full Tilt work on it, but so does PokerStars. Don't see me going back to Windows in the next couple of years, except to install it as a guest OS under MacOS. Also managed to break my duck on the SNG front, so far in November over $200 profit and up nearly $1k in the last 30 days. Sharkscope lifetime says I just went past $1500 for SNGs on Full Tilt tonight as well. Bizarrely, I still do better in the $22 games than I do in the $11 ones.

Anyway, back to the Mac before anyone starts to think this is still a poker blog... Mouse pad is just so god dammed sexy, swipe all 4 fingers down to show all open windows so you can choose one, all 4 fingers up to clear the screen, 2 fingers in any direction to scroll, plus all the iPhone touch screen controls to zoom and rotate. Startup and shutdown time is much better than any Windows machine I have seen, I think I am online within 30 seconds of pushing the power button, and the battery can last 7 hours. If you need a new laptop and can afford to pay the Apple premium, it will become a guilty pleasure.

OpenOffice is available too, same controls and file formats as Windows, my results spreadsheet works just the same on the Mac as it did on the PC. And it's still free :)

Thursday, November 05, 2009

October Round-up

October ended up finishing quite nicely for me as I won the early evening $5 PLO rebuy on Full Tilt again, which returned $440 for a total of $10.50 in buy-in and add-on. Total profit for the month was just over $750, all of which and more has been spent on a Macbook Pro which I am using to make this entry. It's a great little toy and unlike the Windows laptops, just seems to work. I even connected my wireless headphones via bluetooth without breaking into a sweat.

I have also download and installed Full Tilt poker for the Mac. So far I have played 6 STTs and 1 MTT on it with no cashes and not even a bubble. Not all of this is bad play, but it is a bit tilting to be missing by so far. First game should have given me the clue, in a PLO8 STT, I flop a set of Js from the BB on 47J board, fill up on the turn and get all in 3-way, only to see a 3rd 7 give someone else quads and a 3-way scoop.

Elsewhere have played a few more games on PokerStars. Now I am used to the interface I think I have worked out that the PLO8 SNGs are generally populated by clueless idiots, especially the 18 runner $16 games. I know I have not played that many games, but it is so easy to double up on the first table and the only time the going gets any kind of tricky is on the bubble with 5 left.

Anyway, going to see if switching back to the Windows laptop makes any difference to my results, GL in your games.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

An Apple a Day

So, going to start with some off-topic musing. Last year I read a book called The Tipping Point. It was about how trends started and what caused them to happen. Ultimately, it comes down to a group of people who are recognized as leaders by their peers triggering a behaviour. It happened in Greenwich Village in the 1980s with Hush Puppies, some skate board kids wearing a particular brand of trainer or one boy in a Polynesian culture taking his own life. Each of them triggered a cult like rise to fame for their actions.

Personally, I work in the IT industry, am a bit of a geek, good with numbers and particularly patterns. Last week I was at a meeting with, er, lots of other geeks, all working at big IT companies like Dell, Oracle, IBM, CA, HP and Symantec. The one thing that stood out was how many of them had an Apple Mac, or were planning to buy one in the near future. In fact, it was probably 80% of the people I spoke to, with the guy from Dell winning the prize for owning the most with 3. Two years ago at the same meeting, the same group of people were just getting into the Nintendo Wii and wondering if they needed an XBox or a PS2 to go with it.

The point of all this? I think Apple might just be about to break out of the zealot user base they have owned for years and into the mainstream. In my world, I started with an iPod, graduated to an iPhone and will be getting a Macbook - as soon as Apple announce whatever it is that will be their Windows 7 release spoiler. But I'm not the only one. I'm not sure Linux is for me, certainly it won't have many poker options, but there are some available for Mac. I am also fed up with Windows just breaking - having worked with it for nearly 20 years it's turned into a right dog and as Vista has proved, you really cannot polish a turd. So, get some shares in Apple now if you have some spare cash, with the exclusive iPhone distribution agreements coming to an end, the next wave of new owners will be wondering how they ever managed to do anything with a Windows interface - and looking at the other kit they sell. [BTW, didn't bump into anyone from Apple or Microsoft at the meeting]

Back to the intended topic for this blog.

Eventually got back to winning ways in September. Ended the month $420 up with no outstanding highlights, just solid returns on SNGs and even some positive returns from capped 6-max PLO cash tables. Also played a few games on Pokerstars and finding that the $5 O8 STTs are slow, but easy to beat. Trouble is they take too long and even on there take a while to fill. All this meant that at the end of the month my Full Tilt balance was bouncing around the $1k mark again. With $1k tucked away in a savings account, it is starting to look like I will be able to afford a trip to the WSOP in 2010 (only 1 year late) with the aim of playing a $1500 PLO or O8 event.

Highlight so far this month was last night, deciding on a whim to play the $4k gtd $24 PLO knockout on Full Tilt. Started at 9:15pm, ended about 2:00am when I finished 4th for about $500 profit including bounties. Interestingly I only had 1 bounty when we reached the money (27) and 4 by the time I went out. Actually think I played awesome apart from 2 hands, one where I rivered to win a pot that put me into the top 10, the other where I blew more than half my stack min-betting into a calling station with 4 left. Thought that perhaps trying consecutive min raises on flop, turn and river might be interpreted as strength - but not by a useless Italian fish...

Anyway, couple of my better hands - this was a total soul read:

Full Tilt Poker Game #15167418576: $4,000 KO Guarantee (111043850), Table 5 - 800/1600 - Pot Limit Omaha Hi - 19:32:30 ET - 2009/10/06
Seat 1: trubbzz (18,178)
Seat 3: the77pig (57,660)
Seat 4: electric chair (62,060)
Seat 5: il_pata (71,861)
Seat 6: boildoc (4,433)
Seat 8: pempe2 (70,555)
Seat 9: jerome555 (17,388)
pempe2 posts the small blind of 800
jerome555 posts the big blind of 1,600
The button is in seat #6
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to electric chair [Th Qd Js 8c]
trubbzz calls 1,600
the77pig folds
electric chair calls 1,600
il_pata calls 1,600
boildoc folds
pempe2 calls 800
jerome555 checks
*** FLOP *** [6c 7s Qs]
pempe2 checks
jerome555 checks
trubbzz checks
electric chair has 15 seconds left to act
electric chair bets 4,000
il_pata has 15 seconds left to act
il_pata folds
pempe2 folds
jerome555 calls 4,000
trubbzz folds
*** TURN *** [6c 7s Qs] [3c]
jerome555 checks
electric chair bets 16,000
jerome555 calls 11,788, and is all in
electric chair shows [Th Qd Js 8c]
jerome555 shows [As 9s 4c Jc]
Uncalled bet of 4,212 returned to electric chair
*** RIVER *** [6c 7s Qs 3c] [3h]
electric chair shows two pair, Queens and Threes
jerome555 shows a pair of Threes
electric chair wins the pot (39,576) with two pair, Queens and Threes

And this was a golden hand that took out an overly aggressive player:

Full Tilt Poker Game #15167599179: $4,000 KO Guarantee (111043850), Table 5 - 1000/2000 - Pot Limit Omaha Hi - 19:41:47 ET - 2009/10/06
Seat 2: wolverine6 (50,288)
Seat 3: the77pig (18,260)
Seat 4: electric chair (87,949)
Seat 5: il_pata (73,761)
Seat 6: boildoc (46,515)
Seat 8: pempe2 (73,768)
Seat 9: dinamo15 (55,808)
the77pig posts the small blind of 1,000
electric chair posts the big blind of 2,000
The button is in seat #2
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to electric chair [3d Qd 8h 3c]
il_pata folds
boildoc calls 2,000
pempe2 calls 2,000
dinamo15 folds
wolverine6 calls 2,000
the77pig calls 1,000
electric chair checks
*** FLOP *** [Ah 3s 9h]
the77pig checks
electric chair bets 10,000
boildoc folds
pempe2 raises to 40,000
wolverine6 folds
the77pig folds
electric chair raises to 85,949, and is all in
pempe2 calls 31,768, and is all in
electric chair shows [3d Qd 8h 3c]
pempe2 shows [Kh Ac 9d 8s]
Uncalled bet of 14,181 returned to electric chair
*** TURN *** [Ah 3s 9h] [3h]
*** RIVER *** [Ah 3s 9h 3h] [6d]
electric chair shows four of a kind, Threes
pempe2 shows two pair, Aces and Nines
electric chair wins the pot (153,536) with four of a kind, Threes

Checking through the rest of the hand histories I can't actually find that many hands where we went to showdown, this was pretty typical, just taking the pot with a continuation bet on the flop from OOP:

Seat 1: LUu-9 (73,924)
Seat 2: wolverine6 (41,258)
Seat 4: electric chair (147,592)
Seat 5: il_pata (122,329)
Seat 9: dinamo15 (81,208)
electric chair posts the small blind of 2,000
il_pata posts the big blind of 4,000
The button is in seat #2
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to electric chair [Jc Qs 9s Qh]
dinamo15 has 15 seconds left to act
dinamo15 folds
LUu-9 folds
wolverine6 has 15 seconds left to act
wolverine6 raises to 10,000
electric chair calls 8,000
il_pata folds
*** FLOP *** [2c Ts 3d]
electric chair bets 24,000
wolverine6 folds

Anyway, net impact is that Full Tilt balance is now in excess of $1500. Just realized that BA now fly direct to Vegas and I have enough BA exec club miles to fly there 1 1/2 times :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Super Turbo Update

Hello Reader

Sorry about the lack of updates, went on holiday to Spain and never got round to putting some words together. Strange, 2 weeks off and it was not quite like I had never played before, but it was pretty close. Ended up down $100 for August overall, but got my mojo back and am already up almost $250 for September.

Still messing around on Full Tilt with the 300 chip PLO super turbo's. Have played 188 of the $7.50 buy-in ones so far, most frequent finishing position is 1st at 37, bubbled 26 times and 3rd 24 times. Overall profit $379 for about 27% ROI.

Also deposited some money onto Pokerstars for the first time, did this so could play in a 180-man $11 SNG with the Betfair flashmob, managed to get my stack up to a decent level, before donking out in 37th with AK vs AJ on a JJx flop. I still managed to work out that continuation betting the flop was a very easy way to build a stack. Still, not that fussed about Holdem so have started looking at the Omaha hilo STTs. Standard early in these is absolutely woeful as a rule, just need to get used to the interface and work out how to click a button just the once instead of multiple times to make it work. Played 8, cashed in 4, but bubbled twice as well.

Anyway, without doubt the most frustrating hand I have played since the last update is this one. Villain was overplaying bad O8 hands, so when the flop came I thought I had hit the jackpot. On checking the hands on cardplayer I found I had an overall expectation of 0.79, which was a little more than I thought. But to lose to a pair of 3s...

Full Tilt Poker Game #14351273137: $10 + $1 Tournament (105429995), Table 1 - 1200/2400 - Pot Limit Omaha H/L - 18:48:35 ET - 2009/08/29
Seat 1: electric chair (40,598)
Seat 2: Rdevil14 (42,871)
Seat 3: Mrs ACE 84 (44,004)
Seat 6: c3events (87,388)
c3events posts the small blind of 1,200
electric chair posts the big blind of 2,400
The button is in seat #3
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to electric chair [Ad 5h 4h 2d]
Rdevil14 folds
Mrs ACE 84 folds
c3events raises to 7,200
electric chair raises to 21,600
c3events calls 14,400
*** FLOP *** [2h Kc 3h]
c3events bets 43,200
electric chair calls 18,998, and is all in
c3events shows [3s Js 6d Ac]
electric chair shows [Ad 5h 4h 2d]
Uncalled bet of 24,202 returned to c3events
*** TURN *** [2h Kc 3h] [9d]
*** RIVER *** [2h Kc 3h 9d] [Ts]
c3events shows a pair of Threes, for high
electric chair shows a pair of Twos, for high
c3events wins the pot (81,196) with a pair of Threes


Friday, July 03, 2009

First Half Summary

After another abysmal start to the year, I rescued the whole lot in April with a my first $1k month and followed up by dumping nearly half of it back in May. I have still not worked out how I managed it, cash mostly. Up in all the various formats of STTs I played, up overall in MTTs, but only made a profit in the rebuys.

Following the mid-month posting, I managed to spin the profit up to $609 for the month, and $450 for the whole year. Might have to rethink the targets for the year now I have missed the WSOP and will need to run really well to buy into any of the WSOPE tourneys.

Still doing well on the 300 chip super turbos as well, maintaining ROI in excess of 20%. Have also done a little bit of research on Sharkscope. Odd how I think the largest winners are some of the biggest donks I play, especially at the $22 and $33 level. Anyway, will end with a small brag post, my Full Tilt account has just squeaked past the $1k profit mark on Sharkscope - see my roller-coaster graph below :)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Butterfly Effect

Oops, it's half way through June and no summary for May yet. $465 down sums it all up really, mostly on Sun, mostly related to not playing well on cash tables. June has perked up though, with a nice multi-table win in a PLO rebuy for $550. Played it very well, if a little tight, got to the rebuy break with about 4000 chips, added on to take me up to 6k, noticed the leader was on 60k (or 40 buy-ins!). He was still there on the final table and doubled me up to first when I slow played a flopped top set Qs.

Anyway, reason for the title of this post is my further adventures into the 300 chip PLO super turbos. Have played nearly 100 of the 9-seat $7.50 buy-ins and my ROI is getting on for 25%. With chip stacks so short, a single mistake can be magnified and cost you the chance of cashing, or winning. Becoming chip leader is also very important, as it gives you the ability to push all the other stacks around. I played 1 game last night, here is how it went (warning, you will not run this good, ever!)

Hand 1:
Dealt to electric chair [Js 7s Ks Kh] - ooo, nice starting hand, will reraise pre
NeedLuck2day folds
free-dic-u-lust raises to 60 - I will always reraise this with any kind of start hand
lost pension calls 60 - calling just builds the pot for me to raise with
CedarValley calls 60 - see above
Simsas folds
snipes2k1 folds
pokerdegree folds
electric chair raises to 300, and is all in - sometimes this will give you an uncontested pot as weak raisers and limpers will often fold here

free-dic-u-lust calls 240, and is all in
lost pension calls 240, and is all in
CedarValley calls 240, and is all in

- hmmm, not really expecting 3 callers, let's see if we have two AAs out there:

electric chair shows [Js 7s Ks Kh]
free-dic-u-lust shows [5c 8d 8s 5s]
lost pension shows [9c 6c 6h 2h]
CedarValley shows [Ac 4h Qh Qd]

lol, wtf, I am ahead, main worry being the A or Q outs

*** FLOP *** [Jd Th Jh] - yay, top set
*** TURN *** [Jd Th Jh] [8c] - hmm, behind to the str8
*** RIVER *** [Jd Th Jh 8c] [7d] - RIVER!!!!!

electric chair wins the pot (1,230) :) :) :)

This really is the nuts position to be in, 1 hand gone, 3 out, I have quadrupled.

Hands 2-5, folded all, hand 6 was my BB and I got a walk. Hand 7, my SB:

Dealt to electric chair [5s Ac Qh Th] - folded round to me so I obviously raise:
electric chair raises to 120
yves34 raises to 300, and is all in - BB raises all in, just what I wanted
electric chair calls 180
yves34 shows [9s Kc 7d 8h]
electric chair shows [5s Ac Qh Th] - I like my hand, my straight potential is higher and my A my be good if it pairs

*** FLOP *** [5c As Qd]
*** TURN *** [5c As Qd] [Qs]
*** RIVER *** [5c As Qd Qs] [Ad]
yves34 shows a pair of Aces
electric chair shows a full house, Aces full of Queens

Two hands played, two full houses, 5x starting stack.

Hand 8, raise AQQ4 preflop from button and pick up the blinds.
Hand 9 fold
Hand 10 raise AA97 preflop and pick up the blinds
Hand 11 fold
Hand 12 all fold to my BB for another walk

Hand 13
Dealt to electric chair [Jh 6s Jd 4c]
- I got outs
electric chair raises to 120

NeedLuck2day raises to 255, and is all in
electric chair calls 135
NeedLuck2day shows [4h 3d 5c 4d] - LOL, I am so far ahead
electric chair shows [Jh 6s Jd 4c]

*** FLOP *** [Ac Js 4s]
*** TURN *** [Ac Js 4s] [7c]
*** RIVER *** [Ac Js 4s 7c] [As]
NeedLuck2day shows a full house, Fours full of Aces
electric chair shows a full house, Jacks full of Aces
electric chair wins the pot (510)

Oooh, that's gotta hurt, my 3rd boat of the game in only 13 hands

Hand 14, fold
Hand 15
Dealt to electric chair [2s Jc Th Ah]

- I have an Ace and the button, so...
electric chair raises to 175

snipes2k1 raises to 205, and is all in
electric chair calls 30
snipes2k1 shows [Ac Ts As 7c]
electric chair shows [2s Jc Th Ah] - ah, I am in trouble

*** FLOP *** [3h 2d 9h] - I have some outs
*** TURN *** [3h 2d 9h] [4c] - I have more outs
*** RIVER *** [3h 2d 9h 4c] [8h] - Jackpot!

Hand 16 and through the bubble, I lose an all in preflop race:
pokerdegree shows [6s Ad Td As]
electric chair shows [Qh Kc Qs 5s]
*** FLOP *** [Jc 7d Ac]
*** TURN *** [Jc 7d Ac] [9c]
*** RIVER *** [Jc 7d Ac 9c] [Qc]
pokerdegree shows three of a kind, Aces
electric chair shows three of a kind, Queens
pokerdegree wins the pot (630)

Hand 17, I have to fold my probe bet on the flop to a reraise
Dealt to electric chair [Kc Ah 8c 4h]
Simsas folds
pokerdegree calls 25
electric chair raises to 150
pokerdegree calls 100
*** FLOP *** [Qd 6c Qs]
pokerdegree checks
electric chair bets 150
pokerdegree raises to 480, and is all in

Hand 18
Dealt to electric chair [Jc 7d Js Tc]
pokerdegree calls 50
electric chair calls 25 - let's see what happens on the flop and disguise my hand
Simsas checks

*** FLOP *** [6h 2h Jd]
- nice, 1/2 pot bet to see if we have anyone chasing a flush
electric chair bets 75
Simsas folds
pokerdegree calls 75 - we do :)

*** TURN *** [6h 2h Jd] [6s] - time to slow play
electric chair checks
pokerdegree checks
*** RIVER *** [6h 2h Jd 6s] [Jh] - too nice, only option is to value bet and hope for a call
electric chair bets 150
pokerdegree calls 150

Hand 19, fold
Hand 20, walk
Hand 21,22, fold
Hand 23, my BB
Dealt to electric chair [9c Ah Tc 7s]
- I have an Ace, with connected cards in the rest of the hand
Simsas folds
pokerdegree raises to 180
electric chair raises to 300
pokerdegree calls 110, and is all in
electric chair shows [9c Ah Tc 7s]
pokerdegree shows [Qs Th Kd Jc] - I think it is about 50:50 here

*** FLOP *** [5c 4c Qc] - floptastic
*** TURN *** [5c 4c Qc] [Ts] - he has outs
*** RIVER *** [5c 4c Qc Ts] [6h] - held...
electric chair shows a flush, Queen high

6 hands later...
Dealt to electric chair [Kc Kh 7h Ts]
Simsas calls 40
electric chair raises to 240
Simsas raises to 400, and is all in
electric chair calls 160
Simsas shows [4h 7d Tc 5c]
electric chair shows [Kc Kh 7h Ts]
*** FLOP *** [As 6c Jd]
*** TURN *** [As 6c Jd] [8d]
*** RIVER *** [As 6c Jd 8d] [6s]
Simsas shows a pair of Sixes
electric chair shows two pair, Kings and Sixes
electric chair wins the pot (800)

Not every game goes this way, but when you hit a few cards it can be very satisfying. A few tips: get more than starting stack quickly, that way you can put pressure on everyone with a shorter stack than you. Do this by raising preflop. Bet in position when it comes round unopened, almost never call (except when you know that you are hitting the deck and quads are coming). Fold most hands that have been raised before it is your turn to act, (re)raise AAxx, KKxx and QQxx with the intent to get all the chips in.

Looking back at the MTT win, I know that my pre-flop play was improved by playing these short stack games. This meant I was able to get away with some outrageous bluffs at important times, with a short stack. For that reason alone it would be worth playing these if you are at all unsure where you are with your preflop game.

Lastly, have played 3 STTs tonight, cashed in 2, total in for June $465.46, total out in May $465.15 = down-swing reversed.

Going to Duffs Full House tomorrow in Waterlooville for the opening night. New poker club being opened by a couple of posters on the Betfair forum. Hope it works out for them and that they can organize some events when I am not on holiday, see you there if you are going.

Thursday, April 30, 2009


End of the month and finally, for the first time since I started keeping records, I have gone past $1k profit from poker for the month, $1,005.53 to be exact. I was up to $1050 a few days ago, but managed to get back down to $900 before recovering in the last 3 days of the month. This means I am also in profit for the whole of 2009, to the tune of $300. Not much in the big scheme of things, but poker is always more satisfying when you are winning.

I continued to run golden (or play well) on SNGs, in the money in 60/114 (53%) of the ones I played in April with an overall ROI of 48%. What helped here was moving up to the $22 tables. I have a pretty good strike rate at this level and have noticed that the players I think are the biggest fish tend to be the ones at the top of the sharkscope leaderboards. The Brazilians in particular seem to be running good, which suits me because I know I am a favourite every time the chips go in against them.

Lastly, have dabbled in the super turbo PLO SNGs on full tilt. You start with 300 chips and blinds at 15-30. Instantaneous action that definitely seems to suit my game, or maybe it's because the $7.50 buy-in encourages the fish to participate when they don't have a clue about starting hands. Generally, only 1 other player seems to be competent, which is why you can be HU at 30-60 blinds and still going at 100-200.

Here's hoping next month is as fruitful, might even dig out some hand histories for the next update.

Friday, April 10, 2009


So as usual, no updates means I have been losing. Not sure exactly how, so can probably chalk it up to variance. Luckily, I have just hit a purple patch*, which means 12 straight days of profitable poker (+$750), 80%+ ROI on Full Tilt SNGs so far in April for $500 profit, and looking at OPR I reckon I have cashed in 23/39 9-seaters. Long may it continue, I have now made a net $3.81 profit on poker in 2009, including rake back. I have played nearly 300 SNGs and MTTs, cashing in 35% of them. Oddly, in February I was in the money 37% of the time, but still ended up with a -11% ROI, WTF? All this was offset by my cash endeavours, where I managed to lose about $350 on PLO, with another $50 on O8 for good measure.

I have not consciously changed my style, but in the last couple of days I have increased the buy-in level a bit and have now played a few $22 and $33 SNGs. The game is a bit less tight than the $11 and $6 versions, which obviously suits me quite nicely. This is as a result of winning $500 on the Grand National, being handed the 2nd placed horse. First thing I did when the money came back to my Tilt account was to try and send it back, which Tilt immediately barred, saying something like they were not a bank. Still, with a new deeper balance (hesitate to use the word roll because I can always deposit if the balance empties out) I have probably been more confident about moving up to higher stakes.

In my records I made a note saying I played a perfect game. Don't actually remember thinking that before about a whole SNG, but this was the final hand and it sure helps when the deck hits you in the face.

Full Tilt Poker Game #11524930979: $22 + $2 Sit & Go (Turbo) (86531154), Table 1 - 400/800 - Pot Limit Omaha H/L - 16:28:34 ET - 2009/04/05
Seat 7: makoman11 (5,356)
Seat 8: electric chair (8,144)
electric chair posts the small blind of 400
makoman11 posts the big blind of 800
The button is in seat #8
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to electric chair [8s 6s 9h Td]
electric chair calls 400
makoman11 raises to 2,400
electric chair calls 1,600
*** FLOP *** [Th Jh 8h]
makoman11 bets 2,956, and is all in
electric chair calls 2,956
makoman11 shows [Jc Kc 5d Kh]
electric chair shows [8s 6s 9h Td]
*** TURN *** [Th Jh 8h] [7s]
*** RIVER *** [Th Jh 8h 7s] [6h]
makoman11 shows a pair of Kings, for high
electric chair shows a straight, Jack high, for high
electric chair wins the pot (10,712) with a straight, Jack high
makoman11 stands up
electric chair stands up
No low hand qualified
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 10,712 | Rake 0
Board: [Th Jh 8h 7s 6h]
Seat 7: makoman11 (big blind) showed [Jc Kc 5d Kh] and lost with HI: a pair of Kings
Seat 8: electric chair (small blind) showed [8s 6s 9h Td] and won (10,712) with HI: a straight, Jack high

* I think this might possibly be the biggest ever understatement looking at those numbers above. Sharkscope graph below shows just how sick I have run - all the recent upswing has been in the last 2 weeks.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Slight Poker Derailment

Hello reader.

Well, no updates for a while usually means I have been running bad. True to form, I was down $250 in January and a further $190 so far this month. This is a slight recovery from where I was, but it's still been a bitch of a bad spell. Generally, I got sucked into playing cash (see previous post), where I always start well then fade away. Probably means my game is too predictable or I am prone to tilt, or both.

Have switched back to SNGs and am in profit on Full Tilt for this month at least. Tried playing a few rebuys, but have been hitting some bad hands at the wrong time. This weekend was typical, in a $5 PLO8 rebuy, I call from early position with A356, chip leader SB makes up and flop is 455 and I have a flush draw. Check to induce the bet from the SB and we end up all in on the flop. He has KK510, so is drawing to 2 cards for the hi and no cards for the lo. Turn comes K, river is also high and instead of moving into the top 10, I am out in 52nd. On reflection, I played that hand well enough, just needed to win my 1:4 shot, so at least in that case I did not go out because I was playing bad.

Tried the DYM games on Sun, which to start with were piss easy to win. Now though, they have turned into rock-up SNGs, where it just comes down to the cards. Went out 9/10 in a $5 one earlier, on 300-600 blinds, just after my KKxx was cracked by AQ99 with a single preflop bet getting both of us all in. Time to give up on those and go back to the PLO and PLO8 MTTs on there I think.

Thankfully, have other things to keep me busy, work going well and am now producing reports that keep getting circulated to our exec leadership team, with good feedback. Home wise have just taken on a second Viszla dog, same breed as the first, but this time a 9 month old dog. He looks stunning and is very well behaved, and is still an entire, so might see if I can pimp him out as a stud dog for some extra bankroll. Going to rename him when my wife accepts that he is staying, Rupert is not a good name for a dog, current favourite options are rufus or rocky.

Plans to fund the number plate out of poker might be put on hold, since I reckon I can pay for it outright anyway. I also now have enough American miles for a business class trip to Vegas. Anyone fancy going out late May or June in time for the cheaper Omaha events at the WSOP?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Feeling of Deja Vu?

So, started this year off playing on a relatively new site (for me) more often (iPoker through Blue Square and Sun), which is a bit like I did late 2007, when I signed up for Full Tilt in December. Hmm, results last year were good in December, then I had an awful January playing beyond my capability and hitting the cash tables too much. Net result was $325 down for the month, with 21 losing days.

Fast forward to 2009. I have had 7 losing days so far this month out of 12 completed, with a $150 down day. Yet I am still up, a princely $6.67, but that puts me about $150 ahead of where I was in 2008. Main reason for this is my cash game results have improved. I know I am far more aggressive now and it has really started to show. The big down day was just a car crash, I was 5-buy-ins deep in a O8 rebuy and got runner-runnered for a straight when I flopped a set of Ks, whilst playing cash at the same time. Both of the buy-ins on the cash tables went as well, I stayed on beyond when I knew I should get up and leave (like when I went out of the MTT).

Anyway, back later in the month hopefully with some improved results. Currently 7/17 in a PLO rebuy on Full Tilt, so hopefully will have an emergency late update FTW later.

[2.5 hours later - 3rd for $250 :)]

Save the buy-ins, save the stack, or something like that anyway.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

2008 Round-up

Well that's a wrap then, I definitely hit a rich vein of form in the second half of the year, with six months consecutive profit and an overall $3,080 in profit for the year, making up for the nearly $600 down in the first 6 months. Looking back on Official Poker Rankings (Full Tilt) reinforces what I felt at the time, that I was on a massive heater for the HILO STTs. I actually cashed in 46% of them in the month, playing 9 seat tables. This was the foundation for the rest of the year and helped me develop my game to the extent that I am now playing O8 and PLO cash games without fear of emptying my poker accounts.

In addition to that I also had some nice MTT results for a small stake player, the best of which came just in time to pay for some Christmas extras (see the last post). I am quite pleased that I managed to win MTTs on 3 different sites, results in both regular, rebuy and knockout tourneys.

At the end of the year I received an email from Sun poker announcing a migration to iPoker, where I would retain the rakeback privileges I had picked up when I first created the account. I stopped playing because I never really adjusted to the Cryptologic structures and games. Not sure why, maybe with another year of learning behind me I would have coped. However, I am quite comfortable with iPoker and proved it to myself by final tabling my first O8 rebuy on New Years Day with a shiny new Sun account. I am also now registered in 9 freerolls over the coming weeks, which means I am going to have to remember how to play Hold Em again. New account name is uncontrolled, say hello if you see me on the tables.

I will split my play mostly on Full Tilt and iPoker, with some small games on Betfair, where I will also try and play the weekly $3k gtd PLO by qualifying through the satellite. At least, while it lasts, I was in a game 2 weeks ago with 5 seats gtd and only 8 runners - and it still started!

Lastly, I have a couple of small aims for 2009, which represent a small improvement on the overall results from 2008. One is to buy a new number plate for my car, cost about £1k. Second is to try and get out to Vegas for a $1500 PLO or O8 event in the WSOP. I have enough air miles to fly there, so reckon could do the whole trip for about $2500 including some spends while I am there. There are a couple of hurdles to overcome here that are not just financial related, like can I persuade my wife that it is a good idea and can I book the flights. But other than that I am planning on making a profit, which is probably more than I was this time last year, when I would have been happy to make anything.