Thursday, May 08, 2008


Not much else to say when you win a ticket to a $240 buy-in MTT, then work out the start time wrong and log in 90 minutes late. Managed to get 276th in the end out of more than 1k runners, although I did beat half the field sitting out. Was like rockville, far too many players scared to use their cards and who knows where I could have finished if I had started on time. Out hand was AAK2 all in on turn of 892 and two callers who both rivered a straight after an A on the turn gave me a brief hope of a treble up.

Decided to take out my frustration on an 18 runner MTT that paid top 6, 5x$75 tokens plus $57 cash. Made a dubious call with AK, when oppo had AJh with 2h already showing and hit a K on the turn and held up. After that it was easy to watch the short stacks give their stacks to the chip leader. After bubble went I ran AK into KK and lasted a few more circuits with 4BBs until I finally broke. Still, never turn down a profit and I might have another go at one of these and go for another FTOPs satellite.