Sunday, May 27, 2007

Monthly Summary

Quick check of the last update suggests I have gone nowhere, Pokerchamps account is at $207 and Betfair about £20. This masks the variations I have had over the past 6 weeks or so.

Pokerchamps a/c nearly made $300, but then played on a Friday night and managed 0/7 STTs. Did the same the next week and suddenly the balance was $140.

So, reassessed what I was doing and decided to focus more on the PLO games. Have also played 2 small Omaha MTTs, cashing in both but not quite manaig the win (HU I ran 2 pr into a flopped set 2s...).

Yesterday decided I would go for an STT marathon (wife away for the day) and played 12 - cashing in 11. Also played 1 MTT (3rd) and 2 qualifiers. Nearly qualified in first, but ran my pocket Qs into the chip leader who could not put down his flush draw - the inevitable happened on the river. Should have known really, he was a calling station and only in first place because he had been hitting good cards.