Monday, April 16, 2007

Repeat after me

I must not play from utg on the bubble against the chip leader when I am in 2nd... done this a few times recently and been knocked out. Usually happens when I am playing after a hard day and concentration drops. Think I have mostly started to notice the signs for this - i.e. numpty exits close or on the bubble - but stopping this happening would really see my results shoot up.

Have played a couple of sessions of cash Omaha, with the usual result. I have worked out that joining a table where more than one of the players has more than 4 times the max buy-in is a good sign that you will probably lose money.

Still managing to place regularly in STTs, mostly in $5 and $10 STTs, though occasionally do go for a $2.50. Bankroll on Pokerchamps has increased again to $205. Still not redeposited on BF yet, but as I seem to have been blocked from posting to the forum think I will leave it for a bit. Don't get any incentives for playing through the blue monster interface and the PK green one has enough to keep me busy for a few months.

Have even managed a couple of STT cashes and wins on VC. Trying to make myself focus on the games I know I can win at there (NLH STTs) and stop playing the Omaha HiLo STTs - I love it but the returns are not the same as I can get from NLH. Balance there about £22 now, from a low of about £3.

Sunday, April 08, 2007


Two posts in one weekend, wow!

Just finishing up for the night, having played 2 each of $2.50, $5.00 and $10 STTs on Pokerchamps (all 9 seaters). Came second in 4 out of the 6 - at least I cashed in both the $10 games - but really must not give away my chips so easily when HU. Still, balance on there is now $175 so am doing something right.

Recent good form is down to ensuring I make the money in STTs, even if it guarantees coming 3rd, because all the other finishing positions are zero return. Guess all the seconds mean that I need to concentrate on hands a bit more after crossing the value line.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Swings, roundabouts and a new name

Can't remember if I posted how low my pokerchamps account went, but it was under $1 around the turn of the year. Today, without reloading, it is as high as it has ever been at $130 and I am converting 2 in 3 STTs, mostly in the $2.5 - $10 range. Same software as BF, same players, much better results.

Betfair account was running along fairly flat until couple of days ago at around £25, but a bad STT run and a complete donking in a $25 PLO has put it down to £0.70. Decided I would see how difficult a $25 could be, first hand I ended up all-in in a 3-way pot preflop. What a dickhead, I would never do that in a $2.5 game, so why in a $25?

Last STT on BF took a sick beating being called by egit with 2 pair from flop to my nut straight. Pot raise, pot rase, all in and obviously hits FH on river... but last laugh with me on this one I think, since have just seen him go out first in an STT tonight.

VC a/c still has some cash in but not much, am only playing the $5 hilo stts on there at the moment. If I'm not tired I play well and break even, if I am the balance drops slowly.

Finally, decided I would change my BF forum name to something different. Everyone else was doing it and I did feel a little uncomfortable about sharing my name with someone who is getting on a bit. So just before BF stopped the gap I changed my name to "M" - just in case you had not recognized the posting style already.