Sunday, March 30, 2008

End of Month Update

Nearly the end of the month, so time for another update.

Things have picked up recently, though in between this and the last update I managed to go on a 28 game losing streak, for a buy-in total of $333. This was both MTTs and STTs, but mostly STTs. I only managed to drop a few $ playing cash, so pleased that I managed to keep this really to a minimum.

Turned it round in the middle of the month when I came 2nd in a Betfair Feed the Beast $0.10 rebuy. I won $19 and a buy-in to a $25k GTD rebuy on Easter Sunday. This is the only reason I am actually down this month, since I was running reasonably well at the end of the buy-in period and had to add-on. As a result, I am down $64 for the month, when I would otherwise have been up $36, which considering the start is a right turn-around.

Highlights include a 1st place on Full Tilt $2 rebuy for $154, 2nd place on a Betfair Battle of the Forums $2 rebuy for $105 and a 5th place on Full Tilt $20 PLO 6 seater for $116. Also managed to bubble myself in a PLO turbo on Betfair. First time I have made it anywhere near the money in this format game and I only have myself to blame. I pushed JQQK into the chip leader calling station, who hit an 8 to make up a set. I was on the button and the average stack was about 3 big blinds - FOOL!

Back soon.