Sunday, February 24, 2008

About time too

Playing mostly on BF again, with the odd venture onto Full Tilt, though that site has had a few problems recently, looks like they are being hit by some kind of denial of service attack.

Looking back at January I can't believe what a disaster it was. Can't remember having a month that bad ever, which totalled out at -$325. I leaked most of the cash away on "killer" tournaments, don't seem to be able to get my head around them. Also blew a couple of buyins on cash tables when I was playing a bit beyond my bankroll against calling stations where I could not afford to stay in.

February has been better, especially since I am currently in profit ($50 as I type). So far though, have not managed to cash in the PLO rebuys on BF like I was doing with ease pre-Christmas. I have cashed in the 20:35 PLO freezeout a couple of times and came second in a $1 rebuy on BF when I was off for the boys half term. And I am in profit on Turbo PLO STTs (6 & 9). Must remember to focus on the right games in March.

Ty for reading.

Late update, just won the 20:35 PLO on Betfair. That makes 3 cashes out of 7 entries in February, and 10 out of 20 since I started keeping records in November. Need to remember this stat more often, why do I not play this MTT every day?