Saturday, December 22, 2007

Another Friday, Another Win

Signed up to Full Tilt through ThisIsTheNuts because:
- one and only contact with BF customer service proved what everyone else said about how bad they were
- could get Smart Money some referral $$$s by signing up (as a thanks for the Flashmob t-shirts)
- could get 27% rake back

Have played only 2 STTs (1 2nd) and 3 MTTs, but won my first MTT tonight, 49 runner $5 PLO rebuy, for $243.


ROI on rebuy tournaments is now in excess of 200%, will have to give up all other forms of poker if it stays like this.

Just gone past 1,000 hits on the web counter at the bottom, will tell my mum she can stop opening it every day now as it is now almost respectable, even though it is still 100 times less popular than gatsby's blog.

If you want a rakeback deal through TITN, sign up with me as referrer (miltonb) typlz

Friday, December 14, 2007


This is a screenshot of a rebuy win from tonight, though this time it was Hold Em not the usual PLO and took 4 hours to finish. Thankfully not working tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

New Tactics

Ahem. As gatsby so nicely pointed out, I have had a couple of wins since the last update. In fact, on the MTT front I have won 2 PLO rebuys, 3 PLO freezeouts and cashed in quite a few more. Anyone interested in what has changed?

Mid-November I downloaded openoffice and installed on my laptop. Never had the inclination to give Micro$oft more money than I needed to and Office is pricey for the use I would make of it at home. First thing I used it for was to create a poker results tracking spreadsheet. Only built it to cover STTs and MTTs (reminded myself again in November with a $50 whipping that cash is currently not my A-game).

Overall proft since beginning of November $893 with an ROI of 61%. Would be higher but I had a go in the $55 PLO rebuy last week and gave up after my 1st rebuy vapourized. ROI for MTTs is currently 250% (partly courtesy of a 2nd place in a $1k GTD $1 buy-in tournament), rebuy MTTs 66%, STTs 24.5%.

It was blindingly obvious from the 1st 2 weeks of results entered that my highest ROI was on MTTs. So I have reduced the number of STTs I am playing and increased the MTTs. Managed to cash 6 times straight in the 20:35 PLO on Betfair (when I entered, not 6 days running), though that streak came to an end Sunday when I was first out.

Hello to barbielou who I keep playing in the PLO rebuys and 20:35 freezeouts on BF and mentioned that she had read the blog. She also cashes as often as I do in these, though don't think we have been HU at the end of any yet. It is always nice to have someone on the table who talks a bit, without crass comments about everyone else's ability.

Profit so far for December: $296.
Betfair Balance: £280 (have withdrawn £300 cash this month for Christmas pressies).
Pokerchamps - account closed as BF are closing their bastard child site.

Can do nothing but recommend openoffice, great tools that you can use to replace most of the functionality you get from Office for free. for details.