Sunday, September 09, 2007


Posted this to the Betfair forum, but here is a bit more of a permanent record.

Friday started well, 8:30am call cancelling my first ever golf lesson after my dog had woken me up at 4:00am. Decided that I would share bug phil's buggy, which I really needed, both because he's a good talker and because we had a lot of running about to do chasing my ball. Ended up going round in 140 and winning the most golf prize (which covered most of the cost of my round).

Team event went really well for me, found myself on a table of rocks and lucked up a bit vs Reraise after a couple of hours. He raised my BB for the 4th or 5th time and I had AJ, so assuming it was a steal I pushed all in. He called with AQ, but a J spiked the flop and I had a big stack.

After that the game went really quick. I kept raising 10-10ks BB because he kept letting me have it, until he decided to call when I actually had a hand (AK) with an A hi flop. Took Ariston out and heads up against nibbles I was about 90:10 in chips and although he held on bravely, the odds were always in my favour. Turns out that table 1 was the first to finish. Doob came 6th on his table and he was knocked out after I had won.

Day two and the main event saw me sitting to mandylou's left. First time have played against him, so a few hands in when he raised pre I folded a big pair (never again...), but after about an hour of him playing 70% of the pots everyone on the table knew he ws playing loose. We had a spectator (philbet's wife), which was a bit unnerving to start with, but I did get used to it after a while.

Played very rock like and didn't get many good starting hands until AA utg. Raised 3x BB and SB reraised me. So, checked his stack and decided 8k was enough to put him all in so that was my raise. SB start to move chips forwards and dealer says "on their backs" and I flipped my cards. SB had not moved his chips over the line and stopped. Aaarrghhh. TD was called and ruled that SB could fold if he wanted (I had won a few K from his reraise), which after a lot of thought he did (?). ML then quietly told me that my hand could have been considered mucked - so I got away with a mistake, albeit one driven by the dealer. Won't do that again in a hurry.

After 2nd break I don't remember going to a showdown until we went past the bubble after the 3rd break. We actually burst it quite quickly in the end and putmeonpal managed to put us all in the money (sitting to my left he went for a pot with a big ace and missed). I had about 24k stack and found QQ, raised and was put all in by table big stack with his AJ and doubled up nicely. Very quickly, maybe next hand, I had A10 in the big blind and kp raised to 7k from unopened SB. Decided that I needed to go for a big stack, so pushed all in and he called with AA. Left me short, but final position of 15th meant that both me and my roomy doob(chronic) had cashed for the second year running and it was time to get lashed.

Was really great to meet everyone, especially the flashmob and it was nice to sit next to Carl for a couple of hours bitching about the rest of the table. StevieP was a great substitute for the team game, finishing 3rd on his table despite being blind drunk. Well done to Snap, can't believe it took 5 hours to go from 15 to 1, but guess that the 10 minute pauses while snap decided to call an all in with KK probably drove that. Trash talk of the highest order on the final table and the final hand to formally decide the winner was:

snap - 27o
tuvok - 26o

flop - 286
turn - 7
river - who cares?

See you all next year (hopefully)