Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Hard work for some

Played for about 7 hours today - started in the afternoon and lost stack playing FH into quads in omaha on ladbrokes, beaten in about 3 STTs, last resort was playing in an Omaha Hi/Lo freeroll+rebuy on Ladbrokes. Started at 8.05 with 2,300+ runners, rebought once for $1, just finished 4 hours later and qualified as a top 20 finisher. Checked what I had qualified for - a $22 buy-in to another satellite tomorrow night. Still, this one is worth $220 buy-in to the winner, so would be a good tourney to qualify from if I can keep myself awake.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Return to the Magic Sign

Early post because I'm going to my mother in laws soon and will mss the flashmob game tomorrow night :(

Had 2 STT defeats on Betfair so decided to go back onto Ladbrokes again. Bubbled for the 2nd consecutive STT on there with AQ running into BB who could not put down 9-10s to a 4x pre-flop raise on Level 5. Then spotted that they were running special added STTs. Was down to $10 in the account, so added another £24 and entered two Omaha STTs, $5 with $25 added and $10 with $50 added, while playing a £5 Holdem STT on Betfair.

After about 5 minutes I spotted that one of the Omaha games was showing Lo hands as well as high, which surprised me a bit, or actually a lot. This meant I was playing 3 different types of poker concurrently. Went out on the Betfair game first finishing 6th and not playing very well - I can blame it on the Omaha and no playing badly to justify it to myself. On the Ladbrokes games I was actually playing quite well and riding a bit of luck. About an hour later I had won the $5 hi lo table for $37.50 and come second on the pot limit $10 for $45. I really should have won them both, I played the last hand even though I knew it was weak pre-flop when we were within 100 chips of each other heads up.

Betfair balance - £97
Ladbrokes - $121
Pokerchamps - $80
Jennings - $42

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

New Links Section

Edited my template so now I have some links to other blogs that I read regularly, I think all of them are probably founder members of the Betfair poker forum flashmob (AJ this is ultimately all your responsibility for kicking it off).

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Weekly Results Round-up

Had a reasonable week with the exception of the flashmob. All the top 6 failed to score more than 1 point. Should see me move up to 5th, but it was a great opportunity to make up ground and I blew it by walking my top pair into Emzo who had flopped a nut flush.

Betfair - 2 £2MTTs & Flashmob: unplaced. 7 £5 STTs: 2 wins, 1 2nd, 1 3rd - balance up to £99 from £89 end of last week
Jennings - 1 rebuy, unplaced, balance $42 (I think)
Pokerchamps - 1 STT, 2nd, 1 $11 MTT 3rd - balance up to $80 from $48
Ladbrokes - loaded £25 yesterday and blew most of it - 2 STTs and 1 MTT, no places

Sharkscope now showing nice upward curve for Betfair account, meaning I am approaching break-even on the STTs since they started coverage. Equivalent of 2 more wins will see me into the black - looks like it took me 100 games to work out how to play the game reasonably (i.e. stay away from the 6pak thunder lotteries)

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Progress Update

Haven't played much in the last week, slight profit since returning from holiday including a 2nd place (£45) in the Betfair Flashmob league on Sunday. Had a bit of luck on an STT that overlapped the start of the MTT, recoving from 100ish chips heads up to win. Played well on the Flashmob until made the money, then called Smart Money when I knew he had an Ace and I had A2 soooted. Then lasted one hand heads up vs SM calling with K10 when I really did not need to and knew he had an Ace again. Think I destabilized myself and the table with 3 consecutive all-ins when there were 4 players left - only 5 or 6 more hands were played after I did that.

Account balance has gone from £60 to £73 plus a seat on a £5 STT while I am making this update. Most of the downside has come on a couple of ventures onto the Omaha PL cash tables as Sharkscope says I am breakeven on the STTs I have played since I got back.

Have been drawn on table 5 for BFCOP team event, means I get to play a couple of players live for the first time who I have played online. Will be mostly playing STTs between now and the weekend of 8/9 Sep for this reason.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Service interruption

Went on holiday expecting internet access and arrived to find there wasn't any...

First game back last night, played £5 omaha STT and reached final 3 as chip leader when promptly walked into full house from 2nd and lost 90% of stack and finished 3rd - need to get back into the zone with a bit more practice