Friday, October 12, 2007


I like this word, it has a nice ring to it and rolls off the tongue like a barrel of brandy. It also encapsulates the way I have been playing recently. Following the last update I decided to focus on Omaha STTs. This went quite well and I nudged my Betfair account over £200 (from about £125) for the first time in ages. Even had a go at 6-paks and turbos, still cashing in about 50% and winning 25%. Until this week.

Last night I was 0 for 4, went to bed thinking I had been rivered out in all 4 games I played - OK the $10 PLO turbo mtt I was - but used the new betfair hand browser and can honestly say the other 3 exits were all shite play on my part. Can't believe I got all in with 88xx preflop, what a useless fish.

Anyway, having realised I lost because I played bad last night, I'm going to go and play again now and will be pwning all-comers.

PS. Party Poker gave me $30 to play with for free, found that I do reasonably well in the $6 Omaha HiLo games, although the 20% fee is a bit high, and to be honest, the balance is now below $20 (having been up to $60). Still don't like the interface, but the standard of play is generally dire at this level and I ought to be doing better. Maybe not tilting away my stack would be a good start.