Monday, January 15, 2007

Time for an Update

Been a bit topsy turvy lately.

After having a $100 up day on Sun the last time I posted, I managed a $150 down the next day followed by another $75 the day after. Made the bank look a bit slim so have not played much on their recently. I think next Christmas would be the best time to play cash on there again. Came 11th in a £2 mtt going down to the table calling station 3 hands running - should definitely have made the final table and that was one that really got away.

On Betfair I seem to have run into a bit of form. In the HU tourney I beat Chivu in a 100 hand "thriller". Followed this by 2-1 against divaflava: 1st game was won with 1010 vs overcards, lost 2nd with 1010 vs overcards. In the final game I don't remember being in trouble at all and can't remember what the final hand was.

Played against duffs straight after in the semi, two perfect games later, while he had no cards at all, I was in the final. Flopped a spade flush with two low cards, with straight potential. Turn was another spade and we traded small bets, river gave me the straight flush which I slightly overbet to see him fold his Jack. Last hand was a slow played AA where I just let him bet into me for the game. Lovely. Could be a while before the final since pennick is in Australia and he is holding up a quarter final in the other half of the draw.

Managed to play the Flashmob $50 added on BF on Sunday night, only 1 table but it still reached the break. When we were down to 4 or 5 left I was feeling a bit short stacked and chanced my KJ against nibbles all in reraise. This smelled weak to me which is why I called. When he turned over 55 I felt vindicated, but he did give me some abuse (probably deserved) after the hand. Eventually came third to dibble taking me out pushing with 77 when he was 3:1 chip leader.

Betfair statement now showing 5 consecutive HU STT wins, which is nice. History suggests I won't be able to keep this up, but while it lasts I guess I should keep following the same path.

GL to anyone still reading this :)