Friday, July 03, 2009

First Half Summary

After another abysmal start to the year, I rescued the whole lot in April with a my first $1k month and followed up by dumping nearly half of it back in May. I have still not worked out how I managed it, cash mostly. Up in all the various formats of STTs I played, up overall in MTTs, but only made a profit in the rebuys.

Following the mid-month posting, I managed to spin the profit up to $609 for the month, and $450 for the whole year. Might have to rethink the targets for the year now I have missed the WSOP and will need to run really well to buy into any of the WSOPE tourneys.

Still doing well on the 300 chip super turbos as well, maintaining ROI in excess of 20%. Have also done a little bit of research on Sharkscope. Odd how I think the largest winners are some of the biggest donks I play, especially at the $22 and $33 level. Anyway, will end with a small brag post, my Full Tilt account has just squeaked past the $1k profit mark on Sharkscope - see my roller-coaster graph below :)