Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Alan Green is a Dickhead

I know why of course, just not sure why I feel compelled to this as the heading on my blog update. Actually, if anything I think that is a bit light and I could have used any of the extra strong swearwords instead. What triggered it was Radio 5, probably commentary on the Man Utd- Liverpool game on Sunday. Such an apologist for Liverpool, so much so that he makes Lord Haw Haw look like Mary, Mungo and Midge. He's also the most negative commentator, "like ever". Even if the referee is having a bad day, or the game is not the greatest show on earth, there's no need to moan about it so much you forget to describe the action.

Anyway, back on topic, the pokerrrzz.

February turned out to be a complete washout, at one stage I was $500 down for the month, almost exclusively playing SNGs but with some PLO Rush poker losses too. As usual, not sure what was driving it, but if I could have won what felt like a share of my races against pimpdaddydolla and pena82 the position would have been very different, final score $245 loss.

March started with what was supposed to be a week's poker break, with a trip to Boston for work. Flew in on the Saturday as the flight cost was £400 instead of £1200. This meant I had the whole of Sunday evening to myself, and as the devil makes work for idle hands, I was soon installing Full Tilt on my work laptop and taking on the US time zone players. I noticed a difference in quality straight away and over the course of a couple of evenings bumped my balance on Full Tilt up from $850 to $1,100, just playing a few $11/22 hilo turbo STTs.

I continued reasonably well when I got back to the UK and Full Tilt opened up O8 Rush poker. My first few attempts were a bit hit or miss, which I eventually worked out was because I was getting too wrapped up in the "rush" effect. Am down $40 overall, which is one buy-in at the only O8 stakes in play, entirely the result of a tilted bust yesterday. But, I feel comfortable enough to play more than one buy-in at a time and it certainly turbo-charges the rakeback. Currently I am on target to easily have my biggest ever month of rake generated, approaching $200, which means over $50 back already, compared to my normal average of $30. Am also starting to recognize the regular players, just need to work out the best way to deal with the aggressive ones that raise out of position pre-flop and then bet flop turn and river - I know they don't have it every single hand.

Also, slight strategy change, I have decided not to play Rush and STTs concurrently. They each require a different approach, which I am OK with individually, but just tilts me stupid when I try and play them at the same time.

March profit to date $310.
2010 running total $1213.
Sharkscope SNG lifetime Profit $2,499 - looks like a generally consistently upwards slope on the graph too.

Silver Star disappeared yesterday, have not played many PLO STTs this month as was focusing on the lower variance game to get back on track. Here's what it looked like back at the beginning on February.