Saturday, March 17, 2007

A Poker Lesson

Since christmas have managed to resist the urge to dump large parts of my stack, until last weekend. Decided I wantedto step back up to the $0.5-1.0 which is well beyond the scope of a social bank of£75 - which promptly turned itself into a £15 bank. Decided that would invest most of it in the Betfair Gold Cup since it was $10k added.

Early on not much action, moved up slowly to about 2.5k when decided to take on the short stack (800) on BB with KQ - bad move since he had AA. Few more rounds later and I was down to about 1100 chips and dealt 99 - all-in, insta called by the previous short stack who had AA again. A 9 on the flop saw me double up and from then until the bubble I played some pretty good poker.

3rd break time and I was 34 of 55 with cash starting at 54 with about 16k chip. First hand back I am BB for 2k, get dealt QQ. Table big stack (48k) makes it 6k to go from 2nd position - as usual, he was raising with nothing having had a caller when he pushed in with 85. I thought about what to do. Easy, tell him he needs a big pair to beat me and push... so I did. With little time to think he calls with AJo, I survived the flop, but the turn brought an Ace and I thought I had blown it. Luckily, someone else had managed to go out before me so I picked up the $74 for coming last in the money places.

Next time, wait and use the timebank - will at least give me the option of pushing if someone else goes out in the meantime. Otherwise it will be an easy fold - I would still have had over 10k in chips at a time when most players seems to be fighting over who can go out first.

My Tribeca skin decided to pull out of VC when they moved, so I now own a shiny new VC Account. First £50 deposited during the weekend of tilt saw it whittled down to about £15 playing cash. Decided should really take a look at the STT action and find the standard very soft. If I can win 6 out of 8 six packs in various flavour it can't be strong. Means have recovered bank to about £40 and think I will focus on these games for a bit on this site while I build up.