Monday, February 01, 2010

Against the Grain

Quick round up for January.

Given how poor my results were in January 2008 and 2009, I was prepared for a downswing in 2010. I will be honest, I did my best to allow history to repeat itself. Rush Poker on Full Tilt is just that, a faster way to lose at cash. Down about $250 and I won't likely be back again in the near future.

Looking at my Sharkscope stats, I managed to add a total of $19 profit on SNGs in the month, up on the PLO super turbos, down on the HILO games. So much up on the PLO games that I managed to make the $5-15 leaderboard and picked up a star. Might not last long so will have to remember to take a screenshot while it is still there.

Where I did make a lot of profit and was not able to play enough games was in the Sunday night HILO MTTs. One first place (see earlier post) was followed up by a 4th place (which could have been higher but I lost a flip to cripple myself). Total MTT profit for the month about $1300.

Net overall profit $1,150, which makes it my best month since I started keeping records. All I need to do now is keep it up in February and find the time to play a few more of the Sunday night rebuys.

Only remembered to play in two of the WBCOOP tourneys, managed to get 36th place in the 8 Game for a $33 SCOOP ticket. Never played 8 Game before, but I did find that I was much better at most of the players on the Omaha, O8 and Stud Hilo (even though the number of times I have played Stud Hilo I can count on the fingers of one hand). Did struggle a bit with Razz and 2-7 triple draw, but all in all, did not feel I was out of my depth. The other game was NLH. Lot's of sit outs and there were effectively only 4 players active including me at the table I finished on. One of the players was particularly loose, raising, jamming and generally splashing his chips all over. Managed a nice pot when I raised 64 and flopped 2 pr, maybe a value bet on the river would have cleaned him out but the board was 4567K and he had the K. This tilted him a lot and a few hands later I raised pre with Ks9s and checked a KJ9 flop. One re-raise later and he shoved, so I called to see him flip over K10. Turn J, river blank, GG me.