Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Slight Poker Derailment

Hello reader.

Well, no updates for a while usually means I have been running bad. True to form, I was down $250 in January and a further $190 so far this month. This is a slight recovery from where I was, but it's still been a bitch of a bad spell. Generally, I got sucked into playing cash (see previous post), where I always start well then fade away. Probably means my game is too predictable or I am prone to tilt, or both.

Have switched back to SNGs and am in profit on Full Tilt for this month at least. Tried playing a few rebuys, but have been hitting some bad hands at the wrong time. This weekend was typical, in a $5 PLO8 rebuy, I call from early position with A356, chip leader SB makes up and flop is 455 and I have a flush draw. Check to induce the bet from the SB and we end up all in on the flop. He has KK510, so is drawing to 2 cards for the hi and no cards for the lo. Turn comes K, river is also high and instead of moving into the top 10, I am out in 52nd. On reflection, I played that hand well enough, just needed to win my 1:4 shot, so at least in that case I did not go out because I was playing bad.

Tried the DYM games on Sun, which to start with were piss easy to win. Now though, they have turned into rock-up SNGs, where it just comes down to the cards. Went out 9/10 in a $5 one earlier, on 300-600 blinds, just after my KKxx was cracked by AQ99 with a single preflop bet getting both of us all in. Time to give up on those and go back to the PLO and PLO8 MTTs on there I think.

Thankfully, have other things to keep me busy, work going well and am now producing reports that keep getting circulated to our exec leadership team, with good feedback. Home wise have just taken on a second Viszla dog, same breed as the first, but this time a 9 month old dog. He looks stunning and is very well behaved, and is still an entire, so might see if I can pimp him out as a stud dog for some extra bankroll. Going to rename him when my wife accepts that he is staying, Rupert is not a good name for a dog, current favourite options are rufus or rocky.

Plans to fund the number plate out of poker might be put on hold, since I reckon I can pay for it outright anyway. I also now have enough American miles for a business class trip to Vegas. Anyone fancy going out late May or June in time for the cheaper Omaha events at the WSOP?