Friday, August 31, 2007

summer break is over

My balances took a bit of a hammering in early August, managed to turn over $300 on Pokerchamps into $120. Thankfully I went on holiday and had 2 weeks off. First game on my return was a 20:35 PLO MTT on Betfair, doubled first hand and won it about 30 minutes later (16 runnners...).

Managed to get the BF balance up to about £75 by the start of last week, but seemed to max out and could not make it go up further and needed to register for BFWCOP III. Added £50 last night and registered so can't wimp out of it now. Looking forward to meeting up with everyone - though AJ can't make it this year on account of his extended holiday - follow the link to his blog for more details.

As luck would have it, I have not managed to get home from work in time to play the 20:35 again since the day I came back and the weekend opportunities were missed. Until tonight. Played with my Pokerchamps account and ended up sitting to the left of the LAG chip leader on the FT. Was quite easy to play, he was pot raising every hand and all I had to do was wait for AA to appear in my hands and push. This he did 3 times on the bubble, making us roughly joint chip leaders when we were down to 3 and in the money. Then HU, he had AA and I flopped 2 pr 5-10 that held firm. If you see horsey44, he's quite prepared to enter into some good natured banter and then give you all his chips. What a top bloke.

So, $10 in, $110 back, Pokerchamps account now looking more respectable at $250. :)

Also deposited on Sun Poker again last week and spunked the lot playing like a tosser. Can't believe I change my style so much just because the interface is different.

Anyway, next post will probably be write up of BFWCOP III, hopefully will have something interesting to talk about and hopefully a decent cash again.