Sunday, January 20, 2008

As Andy Gray would say

It just gets better and better.

Worked out I have played 18 days so far in January and only won on 3 of them. I have decided to slow down on FT for a bit and try my hand on BF again. Didn't work out great tonight as got battered in the PLO rebuy and came 6th on the 20:35 PLO freezeout. But, as a rule the players on BF are a step or 3 down from the players on FT. If I play there a bit more the results will come back. You can't lose every race and I will remember who I should fold a set to and who I should not pretty soon.

If you want rakeback on Betfair you can sign up through, referral code RTR23350. They also do a huge number of other sites, so once you blow your deposit bonus on one you can always move onto the next :)

GL at the tables.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

January Downdate

Can't do an update because have been playing terrible, so here is the in-rnning downdate.

Moving to a new site has set me back miles in terms of how I am playing, so much so that I will be lucky not to record a big loss in January after only 1 week in. Couple of things that are driving this:
- playing cash again, doh, when will I learn that both playing cash and calling with QQ preflop in PLO is -ev
- the MTTs are too big for the time I have available, generally get close to the money and have cashed once, but the variance when idiots call off their stack with a gutshot straight draw is huge (although I do want them to do this) and by the time it gets to the business end I have been up for 18 hours and done a full days work
- not played enough STTs to get used to the player styles and blind structures
- playing tired (see above)

I think maybe the last one is the critical point here. I was actually up to nearly $600 just after New Years day, back down to $373 as I type now. Still, tonight will see me get a decent night's kip as I am not going to be up till 1:00am and I have a lie in planned for tomorrow to get a tyre replaced on my car before work.

Going to try and put a link into a new blog for SG from the BF forum (at least he was until he got banned). lol, who hasn't had an account banned?