Monday, July 09, 2007

belated june update and july in-running

Final STT results on Pokerchamps for June:
CASHED: 26/49
TOTAL OUT: 310.25 TOTAL IN: 406.50
GAMES: 16 x 2.50, 15 x 5.00, 17 x 10.00

Played a couple of satellite MTTs for no return
Betfair balance about the same as it was

So far this month has been pretty good. When BF was down last week I put £25 onto VC and managed 4th in a $10 PLO mtt, followed this with 11th in the same tourney on Saturday. When 2nd of 11, close 3rd place decided he would take me on from flop with 2nd pair and flush draw - which hit on the river - I lasted 2 more hands.

Yesterday played on Pokerchamps and spotted ajcairns registered for a $25 STT. Have seen him on a few of these and decided that if he could play at this level, so could I. Shortly before the off snap joined and we had a mini-flashmob. Better still was the flush I flopped on hand 1, which doubled me - I had 2 callers with a royal flush draw showing, though I had the J, and the Q was missing, it still didn't stop the holder of the 8 raising into me and a 3rd player calling. After that I held my own and made the final 3 in 2nd, took snap out in 2 hands and was left 10:3 against with the chip leader. This was clearly not enough of an advantage for him and I pulled it back to evens and took his 77 on with AK all in preflop - K duly hit and I had won my first $25 STT 2 hands later. Player I beat HU was the first hand raiser...

Balances now:
Pokerchamps $334
Betfair £62
VC £35

[btw this is not intended to be a slur on aj, I reckon we are very evenly matched and anything he can do in poker, so can I and vice versa]