Thursday, September 10, 2009

Super Turbo Update

Hello Reader

Sorry about the lack of updates, went on holiday to Spain and never got round to putting some words together. Strange, 2 weeks off and it was not quite like I had never played before, but it was pretty close. Ended up down $100 for August overall, but got my mojo back and am already up almost $250 for September.

Still messing around on Full Tilt with the 300 chip PLO super turbo's. Have played 188 of the $7.50 buy-in ones so far, most frequent finishing position is 1st at 37, bubbled 26 times and 3rd 24 times. Overall profit $379 for about 27% ROI.

Also deposited some money onto Pokerstars for the first time, did this so could play in a 180-man $11 SNG with the Betfair flashmob, managed to get my stack up to a decent level, before donking out in 37th with AK vs AJ on a JJx flop. I still managed to work out that continuation betting the flop was a very easy way to build a stack. Still, not that fussed about Holdem so have started looking at the Omaha hilo STTs. Standard early in these is absolutely woeful as a rule, just need to get used to the interface and work out how to click a button just the once instead of multiple times to make it work. Played 8, cashed in 4, but bubbled twice as well.

Anyway, without doubt the most frustrating hand I have played since the last update is this one. Villain was overplaying bad O8 hands, so when the flop came I thought I had hit the jackpot. On checking the hands on cardplayer I found I had an overall expectation of 0.79, which was a little more than I thought. But to lose to a pair of 3s...

Full Tilt Poker Game #14351273137: $10 + $1 Tournament (105429995), Table 1 - 1200/2400 - Pot Limit Omaha H/L - 18:48:35 ET - 2009/08/29
Seat 1: electric chair (40,598)
Seat 2: Rdevil14 (42,871)
Seat 3: Mrs ACE 84 (44,004)
Seat 6: c3events (87,388)
c3events posts the small blind of 1,200
electric chair posts the big blind of 2,400
The button is in seat #3
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to electric chair [Ad 5h 4h 2d]
Rdevil14 folds
Mrs ACE 84 folds
c3events raises to 7,200
electric chair raises to 21,600
c3events calls 14,400
*** FLOP *** [2h Kc 3h]
c3events bets 43,200
electric chair calls 18,998, and is all in
c3events shows [3s Js 6d Ac]
electric chair shows [Ad 5h 4h 2d]
Uncalled bet of 24,202 returned to c3events
*** TURN *** [2h Kc 3h] [9d]
*** RIVER *** [2h Kc 3h 9d] [Ts]
c3events shows a pair of Threes, for high
electric chair shows a pair of Twos, for high
c3events wins the pot (81,196) with a pair of Threes