Friday, June 29, 2007


I hate Friday night poker players.

2 hands into a satellite I get QQ, get reraised preflop by player behind me, call and raise blank flop for pot - reraised all in I called to see him show AK - which duly hit the K on the river and I was out

Much the in the $5 mtt and the $11 PLO STT and I get a bit tilty, so piss away my stack in the next 2 $11 STTs. Up until 2 hours ago my Pokerchamps account was up to $275, now it's back down to $226.

The Pokerchamps site is all fucked up as well, STT tables appear and don't start for ages, then when you do get knocked out they keep coming back up like the ghost of Christmas Past. Don't think this week's upgrade was very successful.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I reserve the right to post only when I am winning

I actually sat down and worked through some of my records recently, been meaning to do it for a while... this is all Pokerchamps a/c

April: CASHED: 33/65 TOTAL OUT: 397.75 TOTAL IN: 379.5
May: CASHED: 22/54 TOTAL OUT: 419.75 TOTAL IN: 400.00
June so far: CASHED: 18/33 TOTAL OUT: 180.75 TOTAL IN: 250.00

Balance currently standing at $217, meaning it has gone up $10 since the last update.

On Betfair the account is now at £65 following a couple of reasonable weeks on STTs, plus a $50 cash on a Maxim King of Poker freeroll. This also means I am qualified for the final next week - see AJ's blog since he won this last month. He finished 5th in the same qualifier so we are both qualified. 10:30pm was a strange start time but I played my nuts off until the final table. On the way hit a very nice FH after raising preflop with 67o into table calling station, who called every street until I hit the 76 FH on the river for a 100k pot. Final table I made the money and then a very tired mistake by reraising the UTG raiser with AJ and ran into AK. Oh well, it was 2:15am and I was going to work the next day.