Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Quick quiz: the lack of recent updates clearly indicates:
a) a loss of interest in writing
b) a loss of form - who wants to report their losses to the whole world
c) too much work on for much time to play poker never mind write about it
d) all of the above

Answer d) - though still like the idea of keeping this going - this will be my 22nd post and the blog is now 7 months old

Since my last update I have managed to wipe out the Mansion a/c, having decided it was a good idea to enter the $100k one Sunday afternoon when drunk - it was a good idea, just the wrong time to execute it.

Jennings has now moved to a new network, tested it yesterday with £0.54 PLO HU game (starting balance £0.55). Won that, balance now £1.01 - maybe I should start a $1 to $10k and see how long it takes to get wiped out?

Betfair is plodding on around £75 balance, recent ill advised rugby bet on England bet still leaving me smarting because I was too stupid to lay it off.

Sun Poker a/c is currently dormant. Maybe need to rethink my strategy as a good start on the new a/c eventually ran into a bad run - perhaps being poker tracked teaches your opponents too much. More likely it is tilt causing me to stay in when I should not, especially after I make a mistake and try and recover losses.

Since the delays were fixed on BF I have played quite a bit there. Finding form comes and goes quite quickly, but generally I only play to satisfy my competitive streak so I don't embarass my boys by turning into "competitive dad" when watching them play football/rugby at the weekends. Still, last time I deposited was £25 at the beginning of January and I still have more than that in the account now.

I wonder if the new hand histories that are available now will make any difference to the opposition? Probably not at the $10 STT level, but will be interesting to see how I get on over the coming few weeks.