Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Can I Be Bothered to Post?

Put simply no :)

Have been far too busy lately to devote much time to poker and even less to blogging. Footie and rugby seasons have started, which means I am out all weekend with my boys and learning how to play golf with them too.

When I have played recently I have found my STT and MTT form is absent, I think I need to recover my patience, but have made some progress playing small stakes pot limit Omaha.

I find that particularly with cash, timing the departure from the table right determines how much retained profit you carry over to the next day. It is reasonably easy to double your starting stack and I will do this more often than I will lose it. However, moving on from doubling to treble or more is usually only something that you can manage when the really loose players are out. Therefore, once I hit the double up, it is probably time for me to leave the table. Putting theory into practise is not always my forte - posting to a blog is one way of reminding myself what should be done.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Opposite of Tilt

Well, having posted that update two days ago I finally accepted that I was on tilt. I guess I knew I was, but was obviously in denial about it. Bizarre that it all came about after the result at BFWCOP. Subsequent to the eye opening, I have felt much more confident in my game and as a result have played much more like I know I can. That and I had a really good kip last night: flaked out about 10 and overslept until 7am - 9 hours = almost a whole weekend's sleep in one night!

Two games tonight:
- 1x £5 nlh stt on Betfair - 1st: With a little help from my friends AA, QQ and TT
- 1x$10 nlh 6-seater on Mansion - 1st: Timed levels, plenty of opportunity to recover from early setbacks, without the lunacy on the BF 6 packs. Table not good, only 2 out of the 6 players were of any decent standard and we both made the money.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Upgrade Hell

I upgraded my antivirus and firewall last week, which meant I couldn't post updates to my blog until I had worked out how to enable all the nasty components you obviously need to enter text into an html word processor...

Gave me time to think about why I have been on a bit of a losing streak since the BFWCOP. Managed not to come last in the Flashmob on Sunday by a whisker, falling for some table banter from dbth who had flopped nut str8 when I had top pair with str8 and flush draws that did not come. Did the same on Mansion on Friday too. Maybe the solution is to withdraw 90% of my balance to enforce some discipline in my play - which is where I have been falling down.

Congrats to dibble for winning a trip to the BAPT in Singapore with 5 consecutive STTs on Betfair. This is no mean feat for any level of player.