Saturday, January 01, 2011

Short Review of 2010

Turns out 2010 was a very up and down year for me. Net online profit for the year $435. This after I was $1,100 up at the end of January. As is a familiar theme to long term readers of this blog, I blew all of it playing cash, but not any old cash, Rush O8 on Full Tilt. Looking at my results, I went negative from April-July, all the while paying huge amounts in rake. In fact, the total I paid in rake equalled the amount that went out from my Full Tilt account in the same period. So, I can't beat the rake at O8 cash.

As a consequence, I started to play badly during the summer, which eventually led to me completely emptying my Full Tilt account, apart from about 26k in FPPs. Not wanting to redeposit, I switched to Pokerstars late in the year and started to build my balance on there playing STTs mostly. After running it up to $500 I had a couple of goes at the nightly PLO8 $109, eventually cashing twice in 4 attempts. Having been chip leader on one final table I think I have a few more in me if I can get going early.

Although I do OK on PokerStars, I really prefer playing on Full Tilt. In December I used my FPPs to buy into 3x$26 PLO and the $33 Rush PLO8 Mini FTOPs. The Rush PLO8 was the last and only one I cashed in, but it gave me $90 to start with again and as I write I have doubled this to $180. In a couple of weeks I might even start getting rake back, once I have cleared what I "spent" through buying the tickets.

Vegas was a good experience, I enjoyed playing the $1500 PLO8 tournament, even though I never really got going. Does not look like I will make it this year, but I suppose anything could happen between now and June to enable me to fund the trip. Don't think I will be going on my own next time either.

Anyway, simple goals for 2011:
- Profit (any at all).
- Get a full house on Sharkscope with 8/8 cashes. Have come close to this a few times, but the spectre of 0/8 is ever present...

Good luck in your games for 2011.


Wildcat said...

Best of luck for 2011, I've seen you on my table a few times in the stts recently! At least you run well on stars, I've given up trying lol.

seanb said...

Yeah, I noticed you the other night when my AAxx got done :) Nice profit for 2010 for you I see!

Having had a sojourn on PokerStars I think my overall STT game has improved. Not that you would have seen evidence of this the other day.