Saturday, January 29, 2011

WBCOOP - Blogging in Running

Finally managed to get home in time for a qualifier, which was the 8 game tonight. Interesting just how much advantage I have in the Omaha games and the Stud hilo, but most of all I am rubbish at 2-7 triple draw. I crippled myself multiple times before the bubble and we only played 2 rounds of it. As I type yet another 2k chips have gone west with a 23458 beating my 23468... now 15/92, was very short until the last round of PLO when I went from 6-21k courtesy of 2 flush draws coming in against the same opponent.

Anyway, qualified for the final, now aiming for a final table to get a decent scoop ticket. Just thankful only have to play 2-7 once per cycle.

7 hours in: 16/44, having been as low as 55/60 after a -20k stud round, recovered on stud hilo and omaha. Just realized I have been awake for 24 hrs as I woke up at this time yesterday (5:00am)

8 hours in: 16/29, which is hiding the fact that I was down to 16k chips and up in 3rd place with 60k at one stage, 25 hours awake

9 hours in: 6/14, good last 20 minutes in PLO again, 26 hours awake

10 hours in: 7/10, poor last 10 minutes, gone from 120k to 70k unnecessarily

11 hours: 3/4, bit tired

3rd in the end, $215 SCOOP ticket for my troubles


Wildcat said...

Well done, worth the effort :)

seanb said...

Yeah, I neglected to mention that I accidentally woke my wife up at 6:00am as I was playing in bed. She then proceeded to tell me it was not worth staying up all night for, although she was quite happy for me to go out and buy an apology Chinese takeaway later. :)