Monday, June 13, 2011

Live Donkaments

PLO8 SNGs have been getting steadily harder on both Full Tilt and Pokerstars, both harder to win at and harder to find. Seems like the US players really were the biggest source of dead money in this game at least. As a result I have switched game back to PLO with a few HORSE and 8-game thrown in to mix it up a bit. Not quite easy money, but definitely more dead money than in the PLO8s.

After going to Fox Poker club a few months ago and cashing, I decided to go back last Saturday for an afternoon PLO MTT. Plan was to play that then see if I could still register for the deepstack holdem start at 7:00pm. Sat down at 3:00pm, with 2 tables, late registrations took us up to 21 runners in total with 4 places played. I didn't need to get too creative to comfortably make the final table and managed to chip up to about 30k approaching the bubble, which was a medium sized stack. On the bubble itself, I shut down and just waited for unopened position with a good starting hand to steal a few blinds. To be honest though, I didn't get that many good hands.

However, once the bubble burst I decided I was going for the win. KKT4 on the button was enough for me to 3 bet the woman to my right. Once she had re-raised me again I knew she had Aces, but decided it was worth shoving all in for the race and we were all in pre-flop. I hit my K on the flop, sweet. Turn Ace, bah. River K, QUAADDSSS!!!! That put me up to 80k and into the lead. A few hands later I get AA66, get all in against the 2nd place who asked if I had Ks again. Can't remember what he had, but an Ace on the flop was enough and the player left behind instantly suggested a deal which was £30 off the £370 first prize, which I snap called. Nice

Late registered for the Deep stack Holdem and sat down at the table I had just left with 6 new players, which eventually filled up to the full 10 with other late arrivals. Had 3 friends playing in it as well, and all off us almost made it through to midnight, which was when the first one went out in about 33/106. By this time my stack was starting to look like fresh air, down to 20BBs, then down to 10, then as we went to 27 players and 3 tables, I dropped to 5BB and was moved to a new table with big stacks everywhere, straight into the big blind. A9 suited, I shoved over the table CLs raise and owned his A8. 2 hands later I get K9 on the button, it was unopened so I shoved. BB called with AJ, flop KK2. Didn't get back down to 10BBs until the final table.

2nd friend busted in 16th, making a bad shove with A9 into the KK of the player to my right. Despite flopping his Ace, player X managed to river a straight and took him out.

Final table, 2 of us still going. I was back down to 15-20 BBs again, my mate was probably 2nd. Short stack goes all in preflop, 2nd short stack shoves over the top, player X, chip leader, goes all in and my mate calls. Q7s, KQs, KK and AA respectively. Player X scooped the lot with a turned K. One outerments. After that I ended up getting down to 5BBs at 8-16k, but a couple of preflop shoves saw me up to 95k when I get dealt AA in the SB. Folded round to me, I shoved, player X insta-called with TT. He turned a straight to send me to the rail with another £220. To be fair to him, he stood up and came round to shake my hand.

I had used a lot of run good earlier on the table and in winning the PLO earlier, so I am not complaining, just one time and I could have been seriously looking at back to back live wins on the same day. As it is, I think I am straight into the top 10 for their monthly MTT leaderboard.

2 visits, 3 MTTs, 1 win and cashed in 4th and 5th places. Life is good.

N29 on the way home was special. We reach the next to last stop.

Drunk 1: "Get up, we have to get off here"
Drunk 2: "Why?"
Drunk 1: "We missed our stop"
Drunk 2: "What, again?"

They had barely been on the bus more than 5 minutes.

I also forgot my door key, so had to ring my wife to get her to let me in when I eventually got home. She was in a surprisingly good mood considering it was 4:30am and getting light.


Wildcat said...

Congrats! Will have to try that poker club sometime - maybe let me know when you plan to go next and we could say hello!

seanb said...

Sounds like a plan. 3 months between trips at the moment, though after last week I might even be able to persuade my wife I could go for the PLO8 this Saturday.