Monday, January 02, 2012

Has it really been 6 months since my last update?

It is 6 months, guess all my readers must be the google search bot.

Despite the live result I posted in June, that was the last time I went out to play live apart from a home game or two. Otherwise it has all been online. 2011 was a bit of a wash, down about $350 over the year and only turning a profit in 4 months out of 12.

On reflection, I played too many games that I was not very good at, especially after the US fishes were blocked by Black Friday and FTP closed it's doors. Towards the end of the year I nearly turned it round by qualifying for the world record tournament on Stars, twice. Seems my Holdem game is well suited to the satellite mindset, but not so great when playing the main events. Also learned that although the hyper turbo satellites on Stars are fun, it's so swingy I can't play them profitably, unlike the PLO hyper SNGs.

Did manage to book a win in a $% PLO/PLH MTT on Stars, but not for much.

Focus for 2012:
- PLO hyper SNGs
- 50 PLO cash
- NLH satellites

Good start coming 2nd in a $22 NLO MTT on 1/1. Spewed a chunk trying to play some higher buy-in MTTs already, so back to the $22 level or below for now.

Will be interesting to see if the cash games on Stars are improved by the move from dealt to weighted contribution. I have played on a couple of 6 max tables so far and although I have no evidence (other than a profit and knowing I played well), the tables did feel a bit looser/easier than they did the last time I played. Maybe the Stars ban hammer for the sit out nits has made it easier to find the fish, until they let them all back on.

Hope you all have a good 2012.